(Midlothian Location Only)

A Child’s Place is committed to fostering lifelong fitness among its children.  Increasing numbers of children under the age of twelve are overweight and in poor health, thus generally considered less healthy than proceeding generations.  We continually encourage our children to increase their physical strength and endurance, to play cooperatively and to develop a sense of team sportsmanship.  Additionally, improved physical well being may diminish the need for sedative medications for our young children.  The on-site gymnasium provides an ideal venue for children ages toddler through school age to participate in numerous physical activities. The child friendly kitchen allows children ages three and older to participate in cooking projects etc.

My daughter started at A Child’s Place when she was eight months old and has grown up there. ACP provided me the priceless peace of mind knowing my child was being cared for while I worked. My daughter enjoyed many days filled with fun and educational activities. It is truly A Child’s Place to learn and grow!

The Latta Family