Academic Programs

Infant Program

Six weeks to Twelve-Sixteen months

Very young children have a strong need to feel “comfortable” in their surroundings. Things such as routines, consistent physical surroundings and objects give the child a needed sense of security. Being an intensely developmental period, quality attention and stimulation will be provided, as well as fulfilling the child’s routine needs.

Infants will be separated from older children for their safety and security. They will be taken outside, weather permitting. Totally flexible programs within a general schedule will encourage motor development, speech development and social exploration. Feeding and nap schedules, along with necessary supplies (diapers, formula, etc.) will be provided by the parents. Communication between parents and staff on a daily basis is critical within the infant program. Therefore, please allow a few extra minutes when dropping off and picking up your child.

Toddler Program

Twelve Months- Twenty- Four Months

Activities are designed to enhance the child’s self-care abilities and stress the importance of getting along with others. Self-help skills, such as feeding, dressing and toilet training will be taught. Creating a desire to learn will be fostered through fun and lively activities targeted at learning a specific subject, e.g., number concepts, color concepts, and recognition of objects.
Since “children will be children,” the schedule under this program will be flexible and light. Regulation and instruction will be appropriate to the ages of these children. To further socialize the child, much time will be given to free play and group playing. Again, we recommend communication between staff and parents, as the personalities and needs of children in this age group change rapidly. **Toilet training will begin when the parents and center feel the child is ready and BOTH PARTIES will support the child fully. Please ask the office for our general information sheet prior to your child beginning potty training with us.

Junior Preschool

Twenty-Four Months- Three years


Three & Four Year Olds

he Pre-School group is designed to serve children between the ages of 2-4 and 4-5. These groups will generally be divided according to age but not entirely, as children develop at different rates and are ready for certain activities at various stages. Group play and the development of fine motor skills and perceptual abilities will be emphasized. Learning will be facilitated by free activity in learning centers (language, blocks, art, sand and water play, etc.) and through teacher planned learning activities. Self-help skills, e.g., dressing, basic hygiene, and table etiquette are taught.

Our 3, 4 and 5 year old children will be introduced to additional programs, such as computer, swimming, gymnastics, creative dance, etc. There will be an additional charge for these optional activities and in some cases permission slips will be required.

Junior Kindergarten

Four & Five Year Olds

Before/After School

Five-Thirteen Year Olds

Before and after school care is provided for children through the age of 13. Children will be allowed to have free play in the morning and physical activity in our gymnasium. Transportation to the designated schools will then be provided. Parents are urged to inform the center in the morning or call the center prior to 2:00 p.m. if their child will not be returning to the center after school. After school children can be picked up by the center from designated schools or be dropped off by a county school bus at our center. An afternoon snack will be provided every day. Field trips will be arranged and periodically children’s movies and other activities may be provided for their enjoyment. A Quiet area will be provided for children to do their homework. Weather permitting, children will be allowed to play outside until they are picked up in the evening.

Summer Camp

Five-Thirteen Year Olds

Ages 5 – 13 years Important factors – Organized Play, Arts & Crafts, Physical Fitness and Team Building Children may participate in various types of field trips and outings that will add fun and enjoyment to their summer days. Each month a newsletter especially for summer campers will be provided to the parents outlining the various activities and events for the coming month. At the beginning of each month, an activity fee will be charged which will cover all the activities that month with the exception of optional programs, such as swimming, gymnastics, computer and creative dance.